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Viewed: 1. their endings, change according to their function in the sentence. the whole thing, since she gets automatic first dibs on the 13 original  och medborgarinnans 10/ - Deklarationen om in Search of Self 18/ - Dibs payment services 18/​ - Dibs söker sig. How to use lessee in a sentence. We will unfairly sentence people to death based on race, class or what county and companies, including trademarked brands, are getting first dibs on some of  How to use hit in a sentence. Calculate Your Ascendant: Try this quick Mack - chick på vänster, jag kallar dibs lol.

Dibs sentence

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Video shows what dibs means. A claim to the right to use or enjoy something exclusively or before anyone else.. Dibs Meaning. How to pronounce, definition a Definition of dibs in Oxford Advanced American Dictionary.

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add example. en And I got first dibs. OpenSubtitles2018.v3. da Og jeg har første ret.

Dibs sentence

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Cablevision might have first dibs on buying the rest of the property. 4. I have dibs on that last slice of pizza. 5.

The meaning of "Dibs" in various phrases and sentences. Q: What does I had dibs on her since high school mean? A: dibs is like first pick. So if someone has dibs they claim ownership or rights, even though they usually can’t actually own the thing they’re claiming like a girl in this case.
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‘they want dibs on the poster’ ‘The trouble for equity investors is that the debtholders have first dibs over the initial £2.9b of any valuation, and possibly even more than that as Marconi will need to retain some of its cash for working capital purposes.’ Dibs definition: rights (to) or claims (on): used mainly by children | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples The past tense of dibs is dibsed. See all forms of dibs with easy examples. Please show me example sentences with dibs/ dibs on/ call dibs.Tell me as many daily expressions as possible. Definition of DIBS in the Definitions.net dictionary.

We fought over who was going to New York to marry Mark Ruffalo, but Tash said she had first dibs.
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Examples of dibs in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web Icons get first dibs at Nordstrom Anniversary sale picks from now until August 7, when shopping opens to Ambassador-level members. Dibs in a sentence 1. Dibs on the front seat!

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Hey, I had dibs on being first in line! Examples of dibs in a Sentence. Recent Examples on the Web Icons get first dibs at Nordstrom Anniversary sale picks from now until August 7, when shopping opens to Ambassador-level members. … Dibs on sth a right to have or get something from someone, or to use something: The current owner might have first Dibs on buying the rest of the property 15. Dibs (third-person singular simple present Dibs es, present participle Dibs ing, simple past and past participle Dibs ed) (informal) To claim a temporary right to (something); to reserve. Examples of dibs in a Sentence.